This is important; these principles are what will make this work.

What We Consult is not, is a place to drive down the value of our work. It’s not about outbidding and getting something for $5. It’s not Airtasker; it is a bit closer to Airbnb, without the commissions.

It is about quality work, independence, local people, specialised services, integrity, community and real networking. It can be fun, it can be serious, or it can be another avenue to get your name out there. You choose.

It is membership driven with purpose. Meaningful feedback is welcomed and encouraged, and will be used to grow the platform.

It is a well thought out model, with a business plan, a revenue model, a value proposition outline and a hundred other documents that my knowledge management spe- cialist husband made me write. If you have any questions about the model, just ask. I’d be surprised if I haven’t at least thought of it, if not resolved it. Everything is on the table.

It is a place for businesses to find the specialists they need. It is a place to help them design a project team if they need it, or to just let them browse their sector and see who’s around.

There will be quotas on each profession to keep it fair and equitable.

Members must have an ABN and at least a year of trading in their profession to be listed on the directory. We are planning a future development for less experienced people to join with an associate membership to gain experience, work on projects, etc, but to start with there has to be confidence in the quality of work we deliver.

Members will be encouraged to ‘black out’ the time they are unavailable, again, to ensure equity. Members will also be required to respond to enquiries within a set period of time. Dead air will kill the vibe!

The ‘search function’ will be random, so that the same people don’t always come up, and there is no immediate plan for a rating system. This is designed to be a fair plat- form for all.

Complaints will be welcomed, and managed transparently but discretely, with the exact governance process to be decided.
We need to keep adding to these through feedback from our membership.

THE ACTION: Register your interest and I’ll be in touch! Register your interest and I’ll be in touch! Register your interest and I’ll be in touch!

THE ACTION: Register your interest! Register your interest! Register your interest!