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About Us

(well.... in the spirit of transparency – me).

I’m a service designer. I plan and build health services, volunteer programs, community services, etc. I’ve also been a consultant, contractor, em- ployee, and god knows what else over the past 25 years.

I’ve lived the panic of leads falling away, the overwhelming confusion of trying to navigate SEO, page returns, copy, logos, and how do you actual- ly get noticed in the crowd. I do really good work, have a niche, take pride in my outcomes, and love helping people. But, to be honest, I’m pretty crap at marketing. I also don’t have a huge budget, so even a few grand on a website has pretty much been out of reach.

I live in Melbourne with my delightful husband, who is also a solo B2B specialist. Over the years I’ve watched him and various friends and col- leagues struggle with these same challenges, so about two years ago my service design brain kicked into problem diagnosis mode and I thought; what if a heap of independents joined forces? What if we created a professional looking, smooth, slick, no-nonsense website and then market the absolute sh*t out of it so that all medium to large-ish business knew they could get great services from our corner of the web. And what if we included regional areas? What if we supported people coming into this profession. What if we created a community of people so that we had non-awkward networking events, including Christmas parties, of our own? So many what ifs!

No more what ifs. We just need to do it.

You can find me on Linkedin at here.

By the way – all data, information, comments and anything else submitted to this site is confidential. I have no interest in selling or sharing information. I won’t spam you, or try to sell you stuff. This community is built on trust and integrity.

THE ACTION: Register your interest and I’ll be in touch! Register your interest and I’ll be in touch! Register your interest and I’ll be in touch!

THE ACTION: Register your interest! Register your interest! Register your interest!